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Community Action Center, 1651 Jefferson Parkway, Suite HS-200, Northfield, MN 55057
About Hillcrest Village

Community Action Center has long worked to collaboratively alleviate hunger, homelessness, and all forms of poverty that impact families and individuals in our community. We believe in immediate response to crisis, but also prioritize systemic approaches to support long-term change that aligns with CAC’s mission of creating a caring, healthy, and just community for all.

Members of Community Action Center Staff & Advocacy Council
Members of Community Action Center Staff & Advocacy Council
Affordable Sustainable Housing

Hillcrest Village is a first-in-the-nation Net Zero Energy emergency shelter and supportive housing development where 100% of utilities are supplied by on-site solar panels. Designed, funded, and built by the community, Hillcrest Village represents local solutions to climate change.

“I had previously been a bit skeptical about the affordability of constructing such energy efficient homes. Through the process, I am changing the way I will build in the future.”

–  Steve Schmidt, President Schmidt Homes

Sustainable Housing Hillcrest Village
Supportive Services

CAC supports nearly 950 community members each year, including 50 youth, who are experiencing homelessness. Services include wrap-around, holistic support such as food, health care access, and crisis intervention.

Emergency Shelter

CAC’s four current emergency shelters are full 365 days per year — providing nearly 1,500 nights of shelter to families and neighbors in need.

Supportive Housing

CAC’s supportive housing units provide long-term housing for more than 10 families who experience chronic homelessness year round.

Eviction Prevention

CAC provides emergency rent relief of nearly $100,000 to more than 150 families each year, preventing the traumatic impact of housing instability or eviction.

Families Waiting

On average, CAC maintains waiting lists of 5–10 households in need of emergency shelter.

Alarmingly Low Vacancy Rate

With an affordable housing vacancy rate at less than 1%, families struggle to leave CAC’s emergency shelters.

Temporary Solutions

CAC currently spends thousands of dollars each year on hotel rooms, providing temporary shelter, but never a home.

Rising Costs

Rice County is the third most expensive housing district in Minnesota, outside of Rochester and the Twin Cities.

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